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5 Golden Rules in Health

5 Golden Rules in Health

5 Golden Rules in Health

Sleeping Healthy

Sleep is a special time period in human life for the organs to rest and the body to recover itself. Keeping the sleep time shorter than normal or not taking a sleep break when the body needs it causes wear in the cells and new diseases after a while.

Considering the studies conducted around the world, it has been noticed that the risk of heart disease occurs in people who do not pay attention to their sleep patterns and have sleep problems even for a short time. In addition, a healthy sleep pattern, which is very important for the mind to rest, reduces stress and ensures development in all areas of the body.

Eating Healthy

The issue of healthy nutrition, which is of great importance in every part of the world, is among the first things to be done for a healthy life. The human body rests by sleeping, but when all cells and the whole body get the right nutrients, it can go to rest. Consuming meals that are oily, spicy or contain nutrients that will harm the body do not allow your body to rest, even if you have a regular sleep.

Some of the nutrients consumed in an unhealthy diet are thrown out by the body. However, some of the harmful nutrients stay in the body and cause accumulation in the organs. If a healthy diet is not followed, diseases will begin to occur in the body. These conditions, which reduce the quality of life, can manifest themselves in not being able to think clearly and problems in social life.

Healthy Physical Activity

Physical activity, which has become one of the indispensable conditions for most people today, can be done in the form of walking, jogging, cycling or any sports branch. Physical activity, which has an effect on many issues such as heart health, minimizing the effects of stress and providing weight control, supports mental activities. In addition, physical activity helps to restore one's self-confidence.