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Nutrition and Diet

Diagnosis and Treatment Services available in Nutrition and Diet Unit

Nutrition and Diet units of Acıbadem Healthcare Group plan disease-specific nutritional therapy and assess nutrition in babies, children, adults, elderly subjects and pregnant women as well as lactating mothers.

Nutrition in Diseases

Disease-specific diagnosis and treatment services are planned and implemented for inpatients and outpatients of our hospitals and medical centers.

Nutrition for Athletes

Sport is an activity that requires physical performance. Maximum performance level requires a healthy nutrition plan, which is characterized by a healthy diet that is composed of quality foods, along with regular training.

Nutrition planning by taking into consideration branch of sports, results of body composition analysis, personal characteristics and whether the athlete is in development and growth period. Nutritional requirements are determined for both trainings and pre- and post-competition periods, and thus, a nutrition program is planned.

Nutrition for Pregnant and Lactating Women

Regular and healthy eating plays a crucial role in both maternal and infant/fetal health in pregnancy and lactation. Avoiding from excessive weight gain and meeting all nutritional needs of mother and fetus in a balanced and adequate manner eliminate many risks in pregnancy. Boosting adequate production of quality breast milk in lactation is tremendously important for infant’s health. Moreover, a healthy eating plan is the only way for proper regulation of maternal body weight in lactation. Nutrition and dietetics experts of Acıbadem Healthcare Group plan nutrition, educate mothers and future mothers and monitor their nutritional status in this period.

Nutrition in Diabetes

Healthy eating is the major component of treatment in diabetes mellitus. Nutrition and dietetics experts plan personalized eating program, educate diabetics and monitor their nutritional status in order to prevent complications of diabetes mellitus, maintain the treatment and boost quality of life.

Nutrition for Babies, Children and Adults

It is necessary to know age-specific nutritional requirements in order to be healthy at every age. Nutrition and dietetics experts create eating and diet programs in line with age- and stage-specific features.

Weight Gain Program

Underweight implies low body weight relative to height of person. A healthy and balanced nutritional therapy should be employed rather than a causal high-calorie diet with low nutritional value to gain weight. In this regard, nutrition and dietetics experts and monitor nutritional treatment based on whether the lean person has a health problem, results of body composition analysis and personal and physical features.

Allergy and Food Intolerance and Nutrition

Food allergies affect human life, starting at infancy. Therefore, nutrition requires ultimate attention for allergic persons, starting at very young ages. Since nutrition and dietetics experts remove certain foods from the diet due to food allergies, inadequate and imbalanced eating can be avoided only through a healthy eating plan for patients.

Weight Loss – Weight Management

Obesity implies excessive deposition of fat in body and it is, recently, regarded as a disease that should be managed. Obesity is characterized by high chance of cure among all chronic diseases.

Nutrition in Eating Disorders

Treatment of eating disorder aims to create a new approach and build up a new eating pattern by changing the impaired eating behavior. Dieticians of Acıbadem Healthcare Group work as a multidisciplinary team to diagnose, treat and monitor eating disorders and to support and rehabilitate the patient.

Adequate, Balanced and Healthy Eating (Personalized Nutritional Counseling)

A personalized plan is the prerequisite for an eating pattern to be healthy, balanced and adequate for a certain person. Interpersonal variations apply to daily energy and food needs. Dieticians create a nutritional program with due consideration of many factors, including but not limited to age, gender, body weight, disease status, blood test data and social circle as well as eating habits.

Maintenance of Optimal Weight

Dieticians provide patients, who had already achieved target body weight relative to age, gender, health status, body composition and physical activity, with weight maintenance program. This program prevents regaining the lost weight and thus, optimal body weight is maintained.

Corporate Nutrition

Nutrition and Diet units plan menus to ensure healthy, adequate and balanced nutrition for employees of the organization. Advices are made to increase quality of the catering service and implementations are tracked.